Knowing the Effects of Having Problems on Your Mental Health

Depression, anxiety and stress are just some of the factors that could make your life difficult. If you are struggling to cope with problems that gave rise to these negative emotions, then you could be seeing a slow, but alarming deterioration of your mental health. Aside from these, having plenty of issues to deal with can also lead to the following:

Irritability – When you are distressed, you are usually on a short fuse and would lose your temper at the slightest provocation. You would also feel angry over situations that would have been acceptable to you in the past.

Impaired Mental Functioning – You often find yourself unable to concentrate and make sound decisions. Being forgetful and having a slow thinking process are also manifestations of the ailment.

Loss of Social Interest – You tend to isolate yourself from friends and family to the point that you stop participating in any social activities. In some cases, you could become a recluse, which can only worsen your condition, as you would have no one to talk to and help you work out your issues.

On top of that, you would have suicidal tendencies, as people who feel unhappy and hopeless are known to have recurring thoughts of death and self-harm. Fortunately, there are means to handle such issues before they escalate. For one, you can sign up for counselling or psychotherapy so you will know how to manage your problems better. If you are considering some professional help, do not hesitate to get in touch with Eros Candusso Psychotherapy Counselling today.

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