A Love Declaration to Us and the Planet

Philosopher Dr Ervin Laszlo is the founder of systems philosophy and general evolution theorist, founder-director of the General Evolution Research Group and past president of the International Society for the Systems Sciences. Dr Laszlo was twice nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize and has published more than 70 books.
In this talk Laszlo gives us a holistic view the individual. He tells us that our place in society and nature must transcend the individualistic ‘body-self’ paradigm and re-integrate our life with the life of the planet. Our own being is part of the ecosystem and exists ‘within’ the society, nature and the planet with its global phenomena.
A new Love declaration for the world is what we need for survival into the future. He calls for more feminine power from humanity in general but stresses the need for more power given to women to foster the ‘Gaia principle’ on the planet.

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