Mending Relationships: Why Does it Matter?

Avoiding someone after a heated argument is like facing a long and constant battle. It may be especially true when the other person is a colleague or a next-door neighbour that you are likely to meet at every turn. In this situation, you could end up worrying about nothing else but your next evasive action. Well, that cannot be good for your wellbeing, right? That is why it is best to mend relationships whenever they are broken to...

...Avoid the stress. Worrying about seeing your enemy at a certain function or place can wear you down, mentally. When your troubles escalate to anxiety, you could end up developing ailments or worsen conditions that you may already have. This outcome may be more so, if you are having problems with a family member who used to be close to you, then you will feel more depressed as you would lose a confidant.

...Prevent the loss of connection. Some people function as your lifeline especially when they bring about happiness and satisfaction. If that connection gets cut off, then you would feel incomplete which can lead to depression.

Moreover, having a healthy relationship will ensure that you will receive support from the people who matter to you. That is why you must not risk breaking the chain that bounds you to them. However, in the event that the problem is already affecting you mentally, then you should not think twice about undergoing psychotherapy so you will be able to deal with your issues in better ways.

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