Stress, Anxiety and World Problems in counselling sessions

These days it is quite common to present for counselling around feeling of stress and anxiety or general worrying. Anxiety and stress are natural reactions helping our body and mind to respond in extreme situations. However, there is today a constant stress about work, school, health, safety and relationships, etc. When stress and anxiety are prolonged over time, they can lead to adverse effects on our physical and mental health.
Most of the men and women that come to me for counselling on anxiety and stress issues wish to find ways to prevent or learn how to manage the consequences of prolonged distress. What I notice in my counselling and psychotherapy practice in Sydney is an added element by today's news about the word as frightening and disturbing on top of those everyday stressors of my clients' personal lives concerns. Subjects like world's and local news about political governments, social reforms, the economic crisis, wars and terrorism, Us versus Them attitude, and greed and fame and consumerism as measures for individual achievements, recently seem to be more and more impacting on the presentations of my clients' experiences.
All these can make it harder for any individual trying to keep things in perspective when their powerless worrying influence the making of good and safe choices and the ensuring that anxiety does not become overwhelming. Charlie Chaplin gives here some ideas on how to move toward a global solution.

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