Rollo May: The Human Dilemma and Existential Psychotherapy

Professor Rollo May one of the most prolific contributors to Existential Psychotherapy is here interviewed by Jeffrey Mishlove for Thinking Allowed TV. He presents with candid simplicity his existential view about the human dilemma.

Cognitive Behaviour Therapy and counselling under Medicare Better Access to Mental Health

Depression anxiety cognitive behaviour therapy

Cognitive Behaviour Therapy as relief of "symptoms" can help us coping in difficult situations but is devoid of meaning, and as humans, we are meaning seeking creatures.

What Does it Mean to Be Your Authentic Self

Life crisis and self awareness

“The privilege of a lifetime is to become who you truly are.” C.G. Jung

Self Authenticity is the personal awareness of the individual to be true to his or her core personality.

What is Psychodynamic Counselling Therapy

Psychodynamic Counselling Therapy

The origin of Psychodynamic theory lays back in time and has developed incessantly through the ideas of great thinkers and years of clinical experiences


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