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The difficoulty of change

private problems and change

We know that changes of any kind are never easy. Personal changes are even harder to manage for us all because inner conflicts, however discomforting, have predictable results. They may serve us to some degree, even if they are less than optimal outcomes. When in counselling or psychotherapy changes are not happening as expected we often think of "failed treatment", or the therapy as "not helpful" enough, or that the therapist was not the "right one".

Overcoming Procrastination Anxiety

Counselling Procrastination Anxiety

We may put things off sometimes, but if it becomes a habit, it can impact on our anxiety levels, productivity, and also our relationships.
Procrastination will only lead to stress later on and impact on our lives. If procrastination is your trap, that affects your study, that work project, your personal development or your good decision, then you will find here some helpful solutions.

There are four main reasons for procrastination and as many resolutions to stop putting off your plan. Knowing the underlying cause of the issue is the first step toward a solution.

Relationship with money and anxiety

Relationship between money and anxiety

In the last few years, there has been much talk about the state of the world economy. Financial concerns have grown from the business community to the economies of nations and from there to the finances of individuals. From my psychotherapist's view, I have noticed that while, the economist in the media proposes financial solutions and strategies, there is a silence in the mental health sector about the psychological relationship with money. Money’s concerns are, for the majority of psychotherapy services, considered as mere contributors adding to the list of modern life's stressors.

How to find fulfilling work

Deciding what to do for a living or what career we wish to embark in life, is not an easy task. The decision can be challenging if we feel limited in our abilities or qualifications. Also difficult is when the job market doesn't look too promising. But, the toughest decision is when we feel conflicted in choosing between a job that gratify our aspirations for a social status or our wish for the highest salary attainable against the wish for passionate interests .


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