Contact me

I practice by appointment during business hours and after hours. If you wish to contact me, the swiftest way is to contact me on Skype or to call me on (02) 8011 4367 during business hours. I will be pleased to offer you free 10 minutes consultation to answer your queries.

If am not available you can leave a message on my voicemail. Your message is confidential and will reach me quickly. I monitor my voicemail inbox frequently. As returning calls can be a little hit and miss; if I have not been able to reach you by telephone after two attempts, I will not try again unless I hear back from you.

Alternatively you can contact me via the email form here below. This may take a bit longer for a response but I will normally respond to you within 24 /48 hours.

It may take few days to arrange our first appointment. If you are in an emergency crisis or your primary need is a meeting with me for today or tomorrow, I may not be providing the service you’re looking for. Consider contacting Lifeline on: 131 114 .

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