Counselling Therapy

Counselling therapy may facilitate self-awareness and the discovery of your true potentials and assist you in resolving those issues affecting your life and relationships.

My role is to help you during this process of change, to sustain you toward autonomy and independence, either if you wish to explore individual and personal issues or if you want to resolve e relationship crisis so that you feel better prepared to cope with the future and move towards becoming the kind of person you wish to be. This is also true if you are single and find difficult to find or maintain a meaningful relationship.

Perhaps you may simply wish to discuss some particular issue with me, for professional and unbiased feedback and opinion. Or you may need some reliable support in the short term around a recent crisis in your life. I do practice Brief Psychodynamic Psychotherapy framed within 10 to 25 sessions for specific aims.

It may be that you want to resolve an issue that has, over time, created inner conflicts and impasses that now seem to hinder your relationships and progress toward becoming the person you want to be. Often these hindrances may express in symptoms of varied intensity like anxiety, depression, tiredness, poor sleeping, poor eating patterns or lack of motivation, loneliness and procrastination. In these circumstances, socialisation and leisure time may seem draining and meaningless.

Or there may be patterns of compulsive behaviours that become less controllable over time like dependency on drug and alcohol, food or sexual activities as soothers for difficult thoughts or emotions. Difficulties in maintaining rewarding interpersonal relationships with family, love partners or friends, and conflicting work relationships effecting careers, may also indicate issues around the way you may deal with you own needs, aspirations and self awareness.

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