Our mind needs to escape from daily constrains and limitations and seeks new ways to learn, laugh, rejoice and find new and creative meanings. Here you will find some links to interesting websites where you can relax, learn and play. Click on "Visit the Playground" to be transported to a site where you may discover something new. I hope you may find something that you like.

Happiness? Mental Peace?

Watch inspirational videos (documentaries, explorations, talks, interviews, movies) and let yourself inspire by philosophers, psychotherapists, novelists and artists.

What do they identify as the main obstacles on our way to a peaceful life? And what do they propose us to do to overcome them?

A simple relief for stress and anxiety

If you wish to relax and you like amusing yourself with some doodling here is the link for you. You can draw out your tension brought by anxiety and stress by creating some "unconscious art".

There is something quite relaxing about doodling. It is as if our thoughts become visible in symbolic ways. Apparently this habit, has little to do with...

Those great ideas that give meaning to our experiences.

Thanks to the American Philosopher Garth Kemerling for setting up the Philosophy Pages. The well organized "pages" make it easier to access those great ideas that give meaning to our experiences.

It is often difficult to self examine and question our behaviors, our believes or values. The answers may be elusive because of lack of reflection or...

We can't control what we do not know

From an existential point of view life experiences are somethings that we need to understand, rather than somethings we should control. By understanding our...

Blibliomania means good news to a Psychotherapist

One good way to expand your awareness and understanding in your life is by being able to learn also from the thoughts on life experiences of others. Read...

Dissolve tension and anxiety by the power sound

Proving ancient theories, modern studies in neuroscience have demonstrated the influence of music and more to the point, the power of Sound as triggering...