Those great ideas that give meaning to our experiences.

Thanks to the American Philosopher Garth Kemerling for setting up the Philosophy Pages. The well organized "pages" make it easier to access those great ideas that give meaning to our experiences.

It is often difficult to self examine and question our behaviors, our believes or values. The answers may be elusive because of lack of reflection or perhaps to avoid some feelings of discomfort that may come with a response. It may be that it is for the same reasons that we avoid inquiry others about their behaviors, believes or values. Intuitively perhaps, we sense their possible discomfort in exposing their personal and intimate answers. To avoid the dread of an awkward conversation we silence. Yet, in exploring philosophical thoughts and ideas in the company of great thinkers, we can begin to find unspoken answers around the meaning of what we do and who we are. It is very true that we best discover ourselves in the presence of others as when in therapy or in company of trusted people.

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