Relationship Counselling

If your relationship is in crisis, one reason may be that your relationship is facing a changing stage. Relationship counselling will facilitate discovering the couple's developmental stages. These stages are necessary in relationships and are not fixed and they may repeat overtime. The romantic stage may feel as gone or moved to the background and most monogamous relationships pass through a similar stage.

Couple arguments and crisis

Couples experiencing arguments and fights may fear a painful breakup and need to assess their commitment and trust. For most couples, wanting a healthy and fulfilling relationship will experience most of these stages. The couple crisis could become a decisive step toward a separation, or may even become opportunity for regeneration of the relationship, a time for recovery of the bond, rediscover the inspiration to renew hope, while in the midst of difficulties and discomfort. Conflicts of interest can develop between partners when they feel they are not having what they wish for in the relationship. Often, the constraints that both partners are putting on their relationship are lived with repeatability and dullness leading to a lack of dialog, and the lack of dialog leads to the death of the rapport.

Relationship counselling as remedy

Couple counselling can assist when there is a large absence of understanding because in many couples there is much talking about but, little listening. There is a general lack of dialog, because many couples do not have the tools to do this. It is vital that relationship counselling for couple in crisis open up before it is already too late. Unfortunately many keep hidden the conflict because they feel ashamed when there is perhaps still some possibility for growth and emotional intimacy in the relationship. A relationship crisis may not be the prelude to the end of a love story that began with so much hope and often loaded with so many expectations but, with timely couple counselling it can instead become an occasion for restart and renewal of the relationship. Seeing the crisis in the key of hope means to believe and experience a new beginning. With some personal and couple counselling, it is possible to maintain a loving and committed relationship without surrendering your individuality. It just takes a little effort and commitment like taking action now.

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