What to expect?

True therapeutic work around life crisis and self-development can’t be a one off event. Counselling and psychotherapy are processes, not quick solutions.

Psychodynamic Counselling isn’t about giving you advises or telling you how to get your problems solved. Together we will discuss your experiences and their affects but, counselling and psychotherapy isn’t mere talk. For the duration of our work together I will be focused on being your therapeutic partner. I will support you and I will open up to understand you with respect and empathy for as long as it is of benefit for you.
Within one to four meetings, we will come to explore your presented problem and reach a new understanding. Of course this can be a time for a mutual assessment. You may be observing my way of working too. During this time you will have a feeling if you think you and I can work together. It may be that this brief experience can be sufficient for you to achieve the desired clarity and relief around your situation, and to make the necessary changes. Or it may be that these explorative sessions are helpful in defining your present situation in a new light and that you may wish to continue on, and explore your experiences more deeply.  We will come to an agreement about how to proceed from there. At this point, we will discuss the number of sessions, and the length of time estimated to achieve the desired goals.
In my practice, consultations are generally 50 minutes for individuals and 60 minutes for couples. The frequency of sessions can vary from once a week to twice a week or fortnightly, according to your needs and the issue at hand.

Depending on the presented issue, you and I will jointly consider if the therapy’s goal is achievable in a short period of time (i.e. 10 to 25 sessions in Brief Psychodynamic Psychotherapy) or in medium to longer term (i.e. from 6 months to one year or longer).

Open ended therapy is particularly indicated with the Psychodynamic Psychotherapy model and has no defined ending time, and you and I will have to decide when we see it as appropriate to discuss an ending. In all circumstances, regularity of attendance, your commitment and a well planned ending are major contributing factors in the therapy outcomes.

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