Clinical Supervision

I offer Clinical Supervision for counsellors and psychotherapists, ranging from beginner to advanced level of experience that are working with individuals and couples in brief or long term counselling and psychotherapy.

As a clinical member of PACFA (Psychotherapists and Counsellors Federation of Australia), I am a trained and registered Clinical Supervisor and regularly attend Supervision for Supervisors as required for accreditation.

Clinical Supervision can be provided either as individual consultation or in small group of maximum 3 supervisees according to availability. This service can be arranged on weekly, fortnightly or monthly schedule.

If required I do provide written reports of the supervisee’s participation and attendance in clinical supervision to professional associations or organisations for purposes of registration, accreditation or for transfers to new clinical supervisors.

My Role as Clinical Supervisor

In a preliminary consultation the supervisee and I come to discuss needs and expectations of the supervisory relation and what learning objectives the supervisee may bring to supervision as well as what are their interests in the supervision experience.

This first stage will help us to define a supervision contract or working agreement including what I believe are the three main functions of the supervision relationship:

Setting clinical roles-boundaries between Counsellor/Client/ Supervisor

Setting skills, Expanding knowledge, Forming education

Cultivating passion, Providing inspiration and Fostering personal expression

I offer Clinical Supervision as a “learning relationship” and will be imbedded in experiential understanding trough teaching, counselling, evaluating and monitoring. I believe that when clinical supervision facilitates the learning in supervisees, learning becomes a transformational experience and gives expression to creativity to the supervisees and in turn to their work with their clients.

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