Counselling or Psychotherapy

The difference between counselling and psychotherapy may not always be clear cut, and to some extent, the two systems do overlap.

In both therapy models, I base my work on a trusting and collaborative relationship between you and me. Our therapeutic relationship can help us to understand how you experience the world within you, and in your relationships with others, intellectually and emotionally.
During counselling and psychotherapy, either in person or online, I implement various helping and caring skills and relay on active listening, with some questioning and reflecting with you with an empathic understanding. In our ‘talking treatment’ the process, our words with their associated meanings and feelings become the primary source of communication regardless of the therapeutic system and style.

However, while counselling and psychotherapy share similarities in therapeutic values and outcomes, they are not the same. Counselling may be better indicated for specific and recent problems and affects, while psychotherapy may be helpful in looking at long standing and more deep seated issues that may reflect some past, and often unconscious, inner conflicts affecting our life.

How Counselling and Psychotherapy Can Help You

With either approach, my aim is to support you in an explorative journey, helping you to deal with problems in new ways, and progress towards greater self-awareness and a more resourceful and satisfying life.

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