The Different Signs and Symptoms of Psychosis

"I am going crazy."
"I cannot take this anymore."

We heard these lines so many times and we even uttered them ourselves at some point in our existence. Indeed, life can really play its little tricks on us sometimes. But there are instances when we become so overwhelmed with stress that our psychological health can already be affected.
Psychosis occurs when a person fails to recognise what is real and what is not due to circumstances that could affect his cognitive perception. And some of its signs and symptoms include the following:

Drastic Sleep Changes
One of the earliest signs of a mental illness is a drastic change in sleeping pattern. This could either be characterised by too much or too little sleep with episodes of nightmares.

This is characterised by episodes of atypical behaviour that becomes frequent if not addressed immediately. An individual could either see or hear things that he perceives to be real but which are not. This can also be paired up with delusions to justify the hallucinations.

Social Withdrawal
Once a person experiences extreme anxiety or stress, he tends to detach himself from the society because of the fear that they might be rejected. Decreased social interaction then results to more hallucinations which can lead to irrational statements, speech difficulties, and even memory problems.

Suicidal Tendencies
Feelings of isolation due to social withdrawal and severe depression often lead to self-mutilation such as hurting oneself through cutting. It could also progress to more drastic attempts of suicide if not treated immediately.

Indeed, psychosis can really cause devastation not only for you but your family as well. So before things get out of hand, seek counselling right away!

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