In this short video, Thich Nhat Hanh gives us a very precise and deep definition of mindfulness: Mindfulness is the capacity to be aware of what is going on. Anything can be the object of mindfulness. Being aware means to touch the things deeply and to recognize their beauty. It means to get in touch with the wonders of life. Getting in touch deeply can make you very happy right here and right now. Being able to be mindful of what is going on gives you the chance to realise that there are plenty of conditions that allow you to be happy. If you can realise that, you can stop running.

Interview with Erich Fromm about his book "To Have or To Be?"

In this interview Erich Fromm talks about the two modes of existence that struggle for the human spirit: The having mode and the being mode.

Stress, Anxiety and World Problems in counselling sessions

In this speech Charlie Chaplin in ‘The Great Dictator' gives to us, as broad society, a suggestion on how to overcome much of the problems of anxiety in the world. I find this inspiring and moving.

A Love Declaration to Us and the Planet

This talk is a call from philosopher Ervin Laszlo for the need of a new consciousness that lead us to a Love Declaration.


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