Knowing the Effects of Having Problems on Your Mental Health

Depression, anxiety and stress

Depression, anxiety and stress are just some of the factors that could make your life difficult. If you are struggling to cope with problems that gave rise to these negative emotions, then you could be seeing a slow, but alarming deterioration of your mental health. Aside from these, having plenty of issues to deal with can also lead to the following:

Irritability – When you are distressed, you are usually on a short fuse and would lose your temper at the slightest provocation. You would also feel angry over situations that would have been acceptable to you in the past.

The Different Signs and Symptoms of Psychosis


"I am going crazy."
"I cannot take this anymore."

We heard these lines so many times and we even uttered them ourselves at some point in our existence. Indeed, life can really play its little tricks on us sometimes. But there are instances when we become so overwhelmed with stress that our psychological health can already be affected.
Psychosis occurs when a person fails to recognise what is real and what is not due to circumstances that could affect his cognitive perception. And some of its signs and symptoms include the following:


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